Review of Yalla Yalla: Winsley Street

Sorry, bad new blogger. A lot has been going down over these last few weeks and just haven’t had time. EXCUSES. Anyway, I went to a cracking Lebanese restaurant tucked behind Oxford Street with some friends last week and had to recommend. Turns out they have four restaurants scattered around London so I was pretty late to the Yalla Yalla party. If you haven’t been yet, it’s time to go. Yalla Yalla is the sort of place that you’ll feel quite smug about recommending.

After going to quite a few Lebanese restaurants, it seems it can either be incredibly delicious or utterly bland and dull, so I wasn’t expecting much. We decided to go for mezze dishes to share which were all between £4 – 7, but it also had hearty mains, which looked and smelled incredible.

It had all your traditional fare of houmus, tabouleh, halloumi, baba ghanoush and falafel and it was all done pretty much perfectly. All the meat was tasty and tender and everything was spiced but not overwhelmingly so. If you go, you MUST have the Arayes, which was a spicy minced lamb in crispy grilled pitta bread with pomegranate molasses scattered on top – it was a taste sensation. Also I loved the Makale Samak, which was essentially deep fried whitebait, prawns and aubergine with chilli and spring onions to dip into a refreshing greek yoghurt dip.

It wasn’t all sunshine and light, we had some marinated sausages which were forgettable and some marinated chicken in pastry, which was akin to a good spring roll – but largely unexciting.We did have to wait for ages for our table, but it’s a tiny place and we did go at 8.30 on a Saturday night so it was to be expected.

The waiters were very attentive and didn’t moan for us to get out when we were the last ones still there at 11.45. The best thing is it’s very cheap for central London, especially for food that is actually delicious and well-cooked. For 4 of us with a good bottle of wine it was £74.

Promise me you’ll go there.

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