Honest Burgers, Soho

I love burgers. I love how you can tell whether you’re eating a good one or a bad one even if you’re not particularly refined. I love how you can forget any healthy regime when faced with the prospect of a Byron. And I just love a good meat and bread combo.

You can’t really mention burgers in London without mentioning Honest Burgers. Since I HATE feeling like I’m missing out, I headed to the new-ish second branch in Soho.We waltzed in at 7pm on a Tuesday and managed to get a table for two straight away, but any later and it seems like you should be prepared for a wait. But it’ll be worth it.


Honest Burger menu

Honest Burger Inside Specials Menu

Lemonade Drinks Honest Burger

Honest Burger and Rosemary chips

The inside of Honest Burgers is cool and laid back with few of those trendy touches that taints too many new burger restaurants. Although saying that, my homemade lemonade was served in a jam jar, but we can forgive them that, as the lemonade was so delicious and fresh. It wouldn’t be a new burger restaurant if it didn’t have at least one ‘London’ thing; they probably just wanted to fit in with the rest of the burger big boys, or maybe they’d run out of glasses or they were just testing it out for the night… ALRIGHT I’m making excuses because I want to eat the burger again.

ANYWAY to the food, after being temporarily tempted by the Specials Menu we both plumped for the Honest Burger, which was beef, bacon and red leicester. It came quickly and it was silence inducing. Unlike most burgers, it was a ladylike burger, small and petite and not overfilled. The burger itself was as good as Byron and Meat Liquor, but this burger felt a little more polite – slightly more tender and refined meat, fewer fillings and smaller – whether this is a good thing in a burger is definitely subjective, but I think it is a very good thing. We did both ask for the meat to be done medium, I wished it could have been a little rarer but this was definitely a foolish oversight on my part. The chips were a masterpiece though, the rosemary salt gave them a sweetness and the skins on gave them just the right level of crisp. Damn I wish I had some of those chips right now.

It was a bargain – £9 each including chips for the burger, and when it is as good and cheaper than Byron, you may leave with that lingering suspicion that you might just have found somewhere you’ll want to visit again and again.

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