Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Bob Bob Ricard is somewhere I’d been dying to go for ages, largely because it has lobster macaroni cheese on the menu. It sells itself on a sort of Russian/English deluxe diner. It’s all decked out with art deco finery but it doesn’t take itself too seriously despite having some incredibly impressive drinks and dishes on the menu. I went on a Friday lunchtime and it was packed with city types and ladies who lunch. The set lunch on the express menu didn’t offer tons of choice (steak or lemon sole goujons) so we went a la carte, just for kicks.

Bob Bob Ricard menu

We shared potato vareniki to start – these six little doughy dumplings were delicately stuffed with truffled potato and porcini mushrooms and topped with sweet mini onion rings. They were very good, and unlike anything I could make myself at home but they won’t knock your socks off.

We were pretty hungry and after initially going for the pheasant burger, we were told it was sold out  so went for the beef burger and lobster burger to share instead. Obviously we got the lobster macaroni cheese and also shared carrots, parsnips and french fries. The beef burger was very good, and the meat perfectly medium rare. It was one of the best burgers of recent times.

Potato vareniki

Lobster burger from Bob Bob Ricard picture

Bob Bob Ricard burger
Bob Bob Ricard beef burger

The lobster burger was a bit of a disappointment. Breading it somehow made it lose it’s delicate taste and it was a little too smothered in marie rose sauce, but I did eat it very quickly so it can’t have been all that bad.

The best bit was very easily the thing I came to BBR for – the lobster macaroni & cheese. It was a dream come true, salty hot cheese covering good chunks of the velvety meat. I wish I just had three plates of this, and I probably will next time I go. Just get a load of this…

Lobster macaroni cheese

Bob Bob Ricard lobster macaroni cheese picture

The whole thing set us back £98 for two with a glass of Pinot Noir, which is a pretty pricey lunch. But BBR sells itself on its sumptuous luxury and there’s no doubt it does comfort food very very well. I’d go back for the lobster macaroni cheese in a heartbeat – and to press this button.
Press for Champagne button

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